It is very easy indeed, but very expensive, to buy an IELTS certificate online without taking the exam. I have seen images of these certificates, which are usually very good forgeries indeed!

As long as you only need one of these to frame and hang on your wall they are fine; however, if you choose to use one for immigration purposes or to gain entry to a reputable educational institution you will find yourself rejected and probably banned for life from reapplying. The problem is that all these institutions know about the scam certificates so they place an access request to the BC/IDP database to check the applicant’s listing. If there is no match then they know the certificate is a forgery.

All of the scammers claim that they can hack the IELTS database to include these forged certificates but the BC/IDP security is far too strong to allow such access. In the end the applicant is held holding a very expensive document that has little practical use.

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